5 Things Insecure has Taught Us This Season


5 Things Insecure has Taught Us This Season

By Roberta Nin Feliz

        With the beginning of Issa Rae’s Insecure Season 3 earlier this summer, Black Twitter and social media has been in a frenzy as viewers witness the odyssey that is Molly’s relationship issues with Dro (girl, leave that man alone) and Issa’s never-ending bad luck. After almost a year long hiatus, viewers were ready for Season 3, which so far has proven to be a departure from the Issa and Lawrence love feud and an epoch of growth and transition in Issa’s life. With Issa making #GrownWomanMoves, here are some things Insecure has taught us this season.

  1.    Dont Be Afraid to Take Risks

In last week’s episode, we see Issa meet up with Nathan, the cute Lyft customer from episode 1 of this season. Seemingly emboldened by the adventure they go on, Issa FINALLY decides to quit from her job at We Got Y’all. After seeing her struggle with the secret white meetings and white liberalism in the office, it was clear Issa was ready for a change. Despite not having a back-up plan, Issa decides to quit and will hopefully pursue a job at The Beat Crew, which marries her love for music and children.


  1.   Set👏🏾 Those 👏🏾Boundaries 👏🏾

Those of us who’ve watched Season 2 can remember painfully watching Molly and Dro’s….love triangle. Molly seemed to want something more from Dro who was in an open marriage with a childhood friend Candance. But, when it was clear that Dro and Molly would never be more than friends with benefits—Dro sending mixed messages left and right—Molly decided to set boundaries by asking for her keys back and asking Dro to better define their relationship either as friends or as people who hook up and dassit. YES girl, set them boundaries.

  1.    Make Sure You Stacking Them Coins

We all know the importance of saving money, but its true value never quite hits home until you’re in a bad situation and you ain’t got no money. When Issa has to move into Daniel’s house while she gets back on her feet, she has to not only navigate their past rocky relationship but deal with Daniel bringing over girls while Issa is around. Not to mention, she was sleeping on his couch which according to Issa hurt her neck (lol). When Issa meets with Kelli we really learn how bad her savings really is. Kelli keeps it real with Issa letting her know that she hasn’t saved NEARLY enough to move out of Daniel’s place. You buying groceries at Rite Aid?! Issa please.


  1.   Life Doesnt End After a Breakup or Severed Ties



Say what y’all will about Lawrence, but seeing that break-up during Season 1 and watching both Lawrence and Issa put the pieces back together was painful and emotional AF for me. Throughout season 2, we see Issa struggling to get over this breakup and for a minute, I didn’t think she would make it. However, this season she continues to put the pieces together and doesn’t seem to be heartbroken or hung-up on the past. She even lets Nathan, her new love interest, know that she cheated in her previous relationship. Reminder to everyone out there, let that person go! Life can and will continue after they’re gone.


  1.    Growth Often Requires You to be Uncomfortable                                                                     

This lesson really hammers down on #GrownWomanMoves and Issa’s growth in making smart decisions this season. After things get spicy with Daniel once Issa begins sleeping in his bed, Issa stops the interaction from going further, making what is ultimately the right decision. We’ve seen throughout the show that Daniel and Issa aren’t meant to be (Someone on Twitter said there’s too much teeth in that relationship 😂). Issa knew that and acted accordingly. Not only that, but Issa even takes a job as a property manager and drove Lyft to get her money up, even though those occupations weren’t necessarily comfortable or familiar to her. So far this season Issa has been in many uncomfortable and unideal situations and she has made it WORK, leading to some great character development.

So far this season of Insecure has been super entertaining and fun to watch. Can’t wait to see what else we learn from Issa and the rest of the crew  this season.



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