A NOTE FROM BRIAN PETERSON, Director of Makuu: The Black Cultural Center


Dear Penn Community – As we close out the 2015-16 academic year we at Makuu wanted to remind you of a few things:

1. You have done a lot. Whether this is your first year at Penn or your final semester, you have done a lot. You’ve grown. You’ve learned. Take a moment to take that fact in.

2. Some of you have a LOT to do over the next few days. Take one thing at time. Push aside the stress of everything else and just center your thoughts on that one thing.

3. Pace yourself. Set a schedule and stick to it. If there are external things getting in your way, deal with them quickly. Turn your phone off. Log off your social media of choice. Forget FOMO; if you know you don’t need to be at that event then don’t go. You owe it yourself to do and be your best. Use your time wisely.

4. If you are feeling stressed and can’t process it effectively, talk with someone. Friends, family, CAPS, us at Makuu. We are all here to help you get through.

5. The ARCH has extended hours -  Sunday May 1 through Thursday May 5, open until 2am. Friday May 6 open until midnight.  Saturday May 7 open until 8pmSunday May 8 and Monday May 9 open until 2am.

6. Makuu will be a quiet study space throughout reading days and finals. We’ve also reserved ARCH 106 from 10am-6pm on 4/29, 5/1, and 5/3. Check each other; if people aren’t focused, help them get focused. If someone’s fallen asleep on a sofa for more than 30 minutes, make sure they haven’t overslept.

Finally, I want to thank Amari and Matré for producing The Vision’s online newsletter each week. They’ve done an amazing job sharing the news and views of Black Penn and beyond!

We’ll be sending out some communications over the summer. And future alumni, don’t worry. We’ll still be connecting with you too.

Do the work. Finish strong.


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