Surviving Finals 101

by Vanessa Moody, writer for The Vision

So… We’re through thanksgiving break. What comes next? Thanksgiving break is placed in a fairly awkward time. Some students are still in midterm season, yet at the same time finals are only weeks away. And its only two days off of school — a teaser for a taste of freedom and cozy nights by the fireplace, but with the ominous knowledge that reading days are right around the corner. That said, there are ways to make finals season much more bearable. We thought it might be a good idea to organize a list of tips for y’all.

The common pitfalls of reading days:

(1) Reading days provides two straight weeks with absolutely no schedule to follow. Sounds like heaven, until you realize that even those two straight weeks aren’t enough for all the studying some finals require. Try planning them out, and make sure to stick to that schedule!

(2) Studying with friends till 5 am, then sleeping in till 1 pm, SEEMS like a good idea – until that 9 am exam rolls around.

(3) Thinking that since you have three full reading days until your final to study, that that will be enough? Because cramming for 72 consecutive hours still = cramming. Start studying early (read: now).

(4) Don’t let finals season get to you too much. Penn was ranked #1 for most stressful college environment. Mental health comes above all. Make sure to talk to your professors if you need something pushed back or don’t feel able to complete something in time.

We’re here for everyone and wishing everyone the best of luck!

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