Twitter Threads for the Culture

Curated by Toni Walker

Below are five threads that speak to current events and other topics that are always of relevance:

@RaquelWillis_: Thread of Influential Black Transgender People 
Read the rest of the thread here.

Rose McGowan’s violent, transphobic rant at a book promotion event last week was reminder number 14567628738 of the dangers of white feminism. But during this Black History month, there is no space to go into all the ways in which white feminism continues to show its ugly face. Last year, Raquel Willis, a Black queer transgender activist and writer, put together a thread which provides a breakdown of just how grateful we should all be for the influence of Black transgender people throughout history. Learn more about Raquel Willis and her work at her website

  1. @godismikey: Beyoncé Dream Thread

Read the rest of the thread here.

This past Tuesday marked the two-year anniversary of the surprise release of Formation. In celebration, I wanted to highlight a thread that gained popularity in the beginning of the year from @godismikey where he recounted a wild dream that featured Beyoncé, Solange, and Blue Ivy. The more I read it, the funnier this dream gets.

  1. @ValarieComplex: Thread on Pretty Privilege

Read the rest of the thread here.

In a tweet updating her followers on her fitness journey, comedian Leslie Jones shared some of her own personal insecurities opening up the conversation of constructs of beauty and its implications on women who don’t fit these constructs. In this thread, Vza V. Complex reflects on her own experience with this issue and how the structure of these conversations often reinforces the issue.

  1. @Boogie: #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay

Read the rest of the thread here.

The hashtag that emerged on Black twitter on the day of the super bowl was by far the only good thing to come out of the half time performance put on by Justin Timberlake. I really don’t care to elaborate on the number of violations in his performance but as a lover of all things Janet, I was delighted to witness all the love she received. Since the summer of last year, Naima Cochrane has gained popularity for her extensive #MusicSermon threads in which she gives a rundown on all things Black music pre-2000. It was only right that she dedicate a thread to the legend Janet Jackson. Learn more about Naima’s work at her website:

  1. @thotscholar: Sex work, classism and respectability


Read the rest of the thread here.

Respectability politics is at the top of my list of the things that get on my nerves the most. In their classist and sexist nature, respectability politics enable white supremacy. In a thread on her experience as a Black sex worker, @thotscholar discusses the intersection of sex work and poverty. Learn more about her work at her website and support her work here.

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